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Explore the North West from The Cove Tasmania

The Cove Tasmania, nestled on the north west coast of Tasmania, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travellers seeking a serene and picturesque escape. This coastal paradise offers a range of activities that cater to nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those looking to unwind in a tranquil environment. Here are the top seven things to do when you find yourself at The Cove, Tasmania:

1. Explore the Coastal Walks: The Cove boasts stunning coastal walks that showcase the rugged beauty of the Tasmanian coastline. Whether you choose the easy strolls or more challenging hikes, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the ocean, cliffs, and native wildlife. Add to this the new Coastal Pathway, 110 kilometres to cycle or walk from Latrobe to Ulverstone, new sections are being constructed and will enable guests to cycle from Latrobe to Wynyard. The Cove Tasmania have Ebikes for you to hire, or bring your own bicycle and leave the car in the carpark during your stay. 2. Wildlife Watching: Tasmania is renowned for its unique wildlife, and The Cove is no exception. Take a guided wildlife tour to spot wallabies, potteroos, see Little Penguins in their natural environment, emerging from the ocean to make their way up the hill to their babies in the rookery. Sea Eagles, Wedgetail Eagles and a plethora of of sea and land birds. 3. Relax on the Beaches: The Cove just a few minutes drive to sandy pristine beaches where you can soak up the sun, swim in clear waters, or simply unwind with a good book. There are also a number of small beaches, rock pools and hidden gems like Paradise Cove. Explore the basalt coastline in and around The Cove Tasmania. 4. Visit Local Artisans: Explore the local art scene by visiting nearby galleries, craft shops, antique stores, Anvers chocolate, Van Diemens icecream, Ashgrove cheese, and the abundance of distilleries to discover. 5. Don River Railway: Heritage railway with museum, café and steam trains operating daily to Coles Beach and return – take a train to Coles Beach, explore the beach area, walks to the city and catch a later train to return. Then just across the bridge, stroll to the Don River Model Railway where you can also grab a coffee. 6. Nearby: Cradle Mountain, just over an hour away, Stanley and the North West Coast drive, just an hour and a half, Table Cape Tulips, under an hour, Sheffield – The Town of Murals, 40 minutes drive and The Truffledore – just 30 minutes from The Cove Tasmania. 7. Devonport’s newest restaurant: Taste – by Bold Cuisine has opened in the city and is a “dining experience” with Tasmanian produce prepared by renowned chef Simon Bold.

In conclusion, The Cove Tasmania offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences that make it a must-visit destination for travellers seeking an authentic Tasmanian adventure. Whether you're exploring the coastline, nature walks, wildlife watching, or simply relaxing on your deck overlooking the ocean. The Cove has something special to offer every traveller.

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