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Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement - The Cove Tasmania

At The Cove Tasmania, we are committed to fostering a sustainable and responsible environment for our guests, our community, and the natural world. Our dedication to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our ethos and operations, as we strive to create a harmonious balance between providing exceptional experiences and preserving the pristine beauty of our surroundings.

Our Commitment:

  • Conservation of Natural Resources:

    • We actively engage in practices that minimize our ecological footprint, conserving energy and water resources through efficient technologies and responsible usage.


  • Supporting Local Communities:

    • We prioritize collaboration with local suppliers, artisans, and businesses to bolster the regional economy and promote a sense of community.


  • Indigenous Engagement:

    • We respect and honor the traditional custodians of this land, acknowledging their deep connection to the environment and working toward incorporating indigenous culture and knowledge into our experiences.


  • Waste Reduction:

    • Through waste management initiatives, recycling, and composting, we strive to minimize waste and promote environmentally conscious choices among guests and staff.


  • Sustainable Cuisine:

    • Our restaurant will sources local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, promoting a farm-to-table ethos and reducing food miles.


  • Biodiversity Preservation:

    • We are dedicated to preserving the local ecosystem and habitats, planting native species, and creating spaces that encourage wildlife and plant diversity.


  • Guest Awareness:

    • Through educational materials and interactive experiences, we raise awareness among our guests about the importance of sustainability and responsible travel practices.


  • Continuous Improvement:

    • We regularly assess and enhance our sustainability practices, incorporating innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.


  • Our Future Together:

    • As custodians of this extraordinary land, we understand the responsibility we bear for its protection and the legacy we leave behind. The Cove Tasmania is committed to being a beacon of sustainable hospitality, a place where breathtaking experiences coexist harmoniously with environmental stewardship. With every guest who walks through our doors, we embark on a shared journey toward a more sustainable and vibrant future.


  • Sustainable living isn't just a choice; it's our way of life at The Cove Tasmania

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