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Glamping? or Glamping at The Cove Tasmania

Picture this: Traditional Glamping - you find yourself in a tent that's noisy, due to the wind, and it's pretty chilly, even with the heater on. When you need to use the bathroom, you have to bear the cold and go to the basic unheated bathroom........

Alternatively, opt for Glamping at The Cove Tasmania - Hillside Cabins - where you can relax in a comfortable king bed, listening to the calming sounds of the ocean. Your room is warm and cozy, equipped with a fridge and a day bed on the north-facing deck. When you need to use the bathroom, you can wrap yourself in a luxury robe and take a short walk to the spacious and heated bathroom. Once inside, you have your own shower room, and lights automatically guide your way to the bathroom. A Hillside stay at The Cove Tasmania is Glamping at a whole other level.

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