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The Kitchen in the Alexander Centre

just wanted to share one of the new shots of the kitchen. this space is essentially 2 full residential kitchens in one. A place for you to cook up a storm while you stay at The Cove

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Chaylea Brahser
Chaylea Brahser
10 abr 2021

Wow can't wait to come and stay here. It looks awesome guys

Me gusta

Grand Design. Beautiful Vistas! 😍 Such a wonderfull, picturesque place. Just do it!

The Tasmanian summer is great, the weather in March into Easter is still perfect for walking and outdoor time - that is for sure! #TroppoSeason - just get away. It even gets hot in the peak of the day, for Queensland travellers.

Being in time for MOONSET - was very special! So many photographic moments.

Thanks Kim, Robinson family and all the crew! So many friendly smiling faces - tells it's own story.

Me gusta
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