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The Cove Tasmania is an extraordinary place established from our family's love for our farm and its history. For five generations, we’ve lived, worked, played on this land, and want to share its beauty and wonder with others.

Our children’s fondest memories involve watching Little Penguins emerge from the ocean making their way to their rookery up the hill.

Sharing this experience with friends and their families over the years, many still talk fondly of “penguin nights”. Riding on the farm ute, enjoying drinks and snacks by a campfire, looking at the starlit-sky from the beach, waiting for the penguins to come ashore, was magical.

As our children and their friends grew up, had children of their own, “penguin nights” continued.

We wanted to continue this tradition, sharing it with more people, and while sitting on the deck at our son’s house, looking north to farmland that meets the ocean he said “we should do glamping down there”. He explained the concept and soon after presented a business case that we supported – however, tents on the oceanfront, with brutal weather, wouldn’t work.

The Cove has evolved from this simple idea to a world-class tourism luxury offering enabling guests to experience the magic our family has enjoyed for generations.

We knew that The Cove was the perfect way to provide guests a unique and comfortable experience while still allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of our farm's stunning coastal location.

We are excited to share this special place and our uniquely Tasmanian stories and create memories for you that will last a lifetime.

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