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The Butter Shed

An emphasis on health and well being. The butter shed offers a space away from the Alexander Centre where you can reconnect with yourself. 

Its ideal for guests wanting a private space to stretch out, roll out a yoga matt or take a moment to themselves.

Its also the Home to Paradise - The Coves own day spa 

Oil Massage

Take a little time for yourself, relax and recharge

Horizon Day Spa

Magnetic Meditation

Experience the spiritual and physical rejuvenation of your energy as you lay on a magnetic meditation mat. Gently replenish and balance your mind, body & spirit, leaving you feeling calm and tranquil.

Stretch Yoga Pose

Acupressure mats

Allow a different type of meditation utilizing our new acupressure matts. Feel your tension and stress evaporate. 

Pressure Points
Head Massage
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Oil Massage
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