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The Cove offers 3 short walks for the nature lover to give guests a different perspective of our coastline. From endless views to a hidden beach, roam The Cove and see what you may discover

The Sunset Walk

This short 15 minute walk takes you up to the top of Cheviot hill, giving you unobstructed views towards the west of Tasmania and ending at the Table, The coves own unique peninsula situated 30 meters above the ocean. 


Three-Sixty Coastal Walk

Taking you to the highest point at The Cove, this 25 minute return trek gives you the most impressive views of the Bass Strait, Table Cape, Mount Roland and Devonport. A perfect spot to watch storms and sunsets. 

Paradise Walk

Guiding you along the coastline, The Paradise walk is a 45 minute return trip taking you past the blow hole, beautiful basalt rocks and to the Paradise Cove lookout. From here the adventurous can make their way across to Paradise Cove, Devonports hidden beach. 

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